Crypto Assassin 

Cryptocurrency has been lately growing in the gaming industry too. There are many platforms which will enable the players to play and earn rewards. All the platforms are based on blockchain and hence they are decentralized. This makes the whole system transparent. Most of these games were the arcade games and also some of the blockchain startups are planning to build actions games too.

Along with all of these game categories, there is now a platform available for card game lovers. There is a whole new game developed named as a crypto assassin. Crypto assassin is a fully tradable card game based on blockchain. The game is based on the Ethereum.


The game is available in real time and you can start playing and trading the cards live. The game is simple and the entire documentation is given there which you can take a look at if you don’t know how to play.

The game is not yet launched but available in the test version. When you open the official website of the game, you will see the game isn’t available but you can play as a tester. The game is still under review and not yet released for all the general public. However, there is a trailer available on the official website showing how great the game will be and why it will be a hit.

If you can’t resist for a long time and don’t want to wait, you can surely register yourself as a playtester to see how the game is. You can give your feedback that will help to fix the bugs and make it the best card trading game.

Final words

Now, there are many of the platforms that are taking cryptocurrency to a whole another level. Whether it be companies like Vamos or this cryptocurrency card trading game. By all of these amazing startups, more and more tools are getting decentralized and giving the user the awesome experience they deserve. Lastly, you can try the test playing and see how the crypto assassin game is and decide the future of blockchain gaming.