IMF issues private blockchain 

According to the Financial Times, the World Bank and the IMF have now collaborated in order to launch a private network for bitcoin. IMF stands for International Monetary Fund and the main aim for both of them to launch a new network is to enable all the “Explorations and experimentations” right into the DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology). The news is not limited to the launch and the collaboration but it also says that they have further built digital assets, it is dubbed from the “Learning Coin”.

Learning tools were the tool that was made in order to understand and learn the blockchain technology in a better way. All the modules to be learned were included here. While taking a look at the digital asset, it doesn’t seem to be a cryptocurrency. However, according to the FinancialTimes, it is a cryptocurrency. Moreover, the currency still doesn’t have any of the monetary value or isn’t tied with any of the fiat currency.


The coin can only be used as a purpose to serve deep knowledge. Only the staff of the IMF or the World Bank would be able to make use of this blocking technology. The coin, as well as the property, will only be accessible to the IMF and World Bank.

The app

To accompany the learning coin’s use, it is said that an application is being developed for the same usage. The application will have all the materials and the important information to learn more about the coin. This will be very useful as the app is going to stay updated, there is a blog feature given in the app where all the posts will be updated.

Also, as there is no real use of the coin, there is a reward system. The reward system is introduced because there is no specific real-world use of the coin. Therefore, you can redeem the coin for rewards. The rewards might be of any of the discounts on Spanish food or something else. There is nothing mentioned yet. The information is limited to the staffs only.