The Rise of Blockchain Education

Blockchain has been rising with a tremendous speed. With this, more people are becoming interested to learn about the blockchain technology. Along with this, there are many people who want to provide education to other people. For all of these people, there is this world’s first platform based on cryptocurrency to provide education of blockchain technology. The platform allows users to learn more about the blockchain with various courses available.

For Tutors

For all the tutors out there, you will get the XTRA tokens for all the courses that are published. Moreover, you will get an extra bonus in terms of XTRA tokens when a student passes the course. You can use these tokens to buy the gadgets and equipment to improve the course content and provide more value to your students.

For students

Students can learn many new skills with the use of this platform. There are more than 60 courses available and there are more tools that are added every single day. Therefore, it will be a lot easier to learn anything when you start to use this platform. The deal doesn’t end here, you will get the XTRA tokens whenever you complete course.


  • The reward is made through the smart contract and hence the transaction are completely safe and fast
  • They are working in collaboration with bitcoin homework to bring you the ultimate experience
  • It is a part of Ethereum blockchain, and therefore it is using ERC-20 standards.
  • They have Extra credits mobile app that you can use in Android or IOS device
  • Anyone can use the platform as there are no age limitations available.
  • Above all, it is open source and has international support

Therefore, you can use this platform to learn more about the blockchain technology and also along with this, you can provide the course if you are mater of blockchain technology and interested in teaching people. The platform makes it easier for learning a new language. Moreover, they have easy to use API for developers and merchants. You can integrate it easily as the API is written in PHP, Javascript, C#, and Java.