Introduction Of TravelbyBit

TravelbyBit is the first cryptocurrency travel agency in Australia which plans the journey of their customers to any part of the world with the help of cryptocurrency. They provide travel to many places where the blockchain and cryptocurrency events are held. They take the responsibility of booking of flights, accommodation, and tours with a convenient way of transaction. All the transactions from travel to food are done digitally by the cryptocurrency. TravelbyBit uses bitcoin for the transaction of all the payments, hence making easy for the cryptocurrency users as bitcoins are a major part of the digital currency. In this way, awareness of bitcoins and ultimately of cryptocurrency is created.

TravelbyBit & Cryptocurrency

TravelbyBit is trying its best to make the world interact with the world of digital currency or cryptocurrency. It specializes in the crypto-field as it processes all of its payment with the help of bitcoins. With its introduction to cryptocurrency in Australia, the company is trying to introduce the local merchants to the cryptocurrency along with the booking by the customers. It is trying to encourage the motives of blockchain community, that is, the use of digital currency for various payments. Many airports have established a partnership with TravelbyBit to make flight payments through cryptocurrency, allowing customers to travel in domestic or international terminals.

Many hotels, bars, and nightclubs have started taking payments from TravelbyBit through digital currencies. If a person is looking to travel abroad, he will get to know about the company for its specialization in cryptocurrency for all the transactions. TravelbyBit has created a digital wallet to store different types of cryptocurrencies like bitcoins, litecoins, and others. This method of cryptocurrency gains an advantage over credit card on the customers who have to pay a high amount of interest rate of the transaction.

Investment Of Binance

Binance has invested in the company, as a result, they will work together for payment with the help of blockchain system. After the investment of Binance, its crypto coin will also be accepted along with other cryptocurrencies like bitcoins, ethereum, and many others.