Onion Mixer Deep Web Privacy Service.

Onion Mixer Deep Web Privacy Service.

Regardless of how securely users access the deep web, it is important to remember that Bitcoin itself can still be traced via analysis of the Bitcoin blockchain. This is why prior to sending existing cryptocurrency holdings to new Electrum (or other wallets) users should ‘mix’ coins which they intend to use (or have acquired) on the Dark Web. Although there are a number of dark web bitcoin mixers to choose from, Onion Mixer is one of the most trusted and well-known tumblers on the deep web.

Onion Mixer.

Onion mixer is a deep web bitcoin mixer service that has been in business since 2014. They are only available on the darknet, so you must use the Tor browser to access them. The privacy service keeps no logs beyond 24 hours, as well as gives users the ability to delete logs manually upon completion of the mixing session.

Letter Of Guarantee  The service offers a unique “Letter of Guarantee” which you must download or save before proceeding to the payment screen. There is a unique “restore” URL that you may access in the event your browser crashes, however, all sessions are terminated automatically within 24 hours.

Manual Session Deletion  Onion mixer automatically deletes and removes logs after 24 hours, but users are also given the ability to manually delete/erase their logs and session information.

Advanced Security Features  Onion mixer offers several advanced features to further strengthen your privacy and anonymity on the blockchain. Randomized time delay, multiple output wallet addresses, and a unique fee customization setting make it one of the strongest bitcoin mixers in its class.

Onion Mixer Features

In addition to being Javascript-free, Tor friendly, and lightweight- onion mixer offers a number of advanced privacy features that are designed to provide users top level blockchain privacy. The bitcoin tumbler allows users to specify multiple output wallet destinations.
Additionally, the onion mixer offers the option to randomize the deposit delays to further obfuscate time-based blockchain analysis. Users are given full control over the fee that’s added to the mix, which can range anywhere from .5%-4%.

Onion Mixer requires only 1 bitcoin confirmation to begin the mix. This makes the onion mixer ideal for those moving large amounts of bitcoin or someone wanting to quickly mix their bitcoin. The minimum amount to the mix is .001BTC, which is much lower than many other services.

In addition to being a true dark web onion service, the onion mixer gives users full control over their session logs. The only temporary log saved is the secret transaction hash key, found on the Letter of Guarantee step; which allows you to monitor your Bitcoin mix and recover the coins if anything were to go wrong. Logs are automatically deleted from the server after 24 hours. The user is also given a delete button, which completely removes the transaction records from their servers.

There are a number of trusted top bitcoin mixers for those uncomfortable with the deep web, however -it is best practice to always use deep web services to ensure maximum anonymity

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