Business at Home With Minimal Investment.

The internet is a great way to start a business at home with minimal investment.

But, before you can begin an internet business at home, you must find profitable wholesale products and find a way to sell them online. We cover effortless ways to sell your wholesale products online in step 2. In this step, we will focus on finding wholesale products that allow your business at home to earn substantial profit with minimal investment and without ever stocking inventory at your home.

Hundreds of people just like you are easily generating $5,000 – $10,000 a month, by running an online business at home. By far one of the most hassle free ways to run an online business at home, is to focus on finding wholesale products from companies that will drop ship orders from your online store directly to your customer.

Here is how drop shipping wholesale products can make you lots of money with little hassle:

Locate a supplier that will drop ship wholesale products from their warehouse to your retail customer.
From your business at home, you sell the wholesale products to your Internet or mail order customers at a retail price.
You e-mail or call in the order to your drop ship supplier.
The drop ship supplier ships the order directly to your customer and sends you the profit on the order (difference between retail and wholesale price).
Not only do you get the benefit of operating your business at home, but also you benefit by:

Your business at home never having to stock inventory!
Never having the burden of shipping the orders to your customer!
Not having to purchase $1000s in minimum orders of wholesale products from your suppliers!
Ok now that you have the drop ship method down, the million dollar question is where do you find drop ship suppliers that will supply your business at home with wholesale products? Well the bad news is that finding suppliers of wholesale products that also drop ship does take a bit of work. However, a source we have found to be “one of a kind” in our own business is Chris Malta’s world class drop ship source directory with 700,000 wholesale products from 2,200 brand names.

In addition to the drop ship source directory, Chris offers a great FREE BOOK called “Starting Your Internet Business Right” just for going to his website. Both the drop ship source directory and FREE BOOK are excellent sources to take the hassle out of starting a profitable online business at home!

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