How Minors Should Stand Around in the Event of a Crash.

How Minors Should Stand Around in the Event of a Crash.

I would like to write about how minors should stand around in the event of a crash. I wrote it based on my beliefs and prejudices. Investing is a self-judgment, so ask half the story. From the results, Naohori maybe a little better than using a nice hash. The chart below is a Bitcoin-denominated Ether chart.

This is one of these crashes.

The first thing you can see is that it’s down. It is down in Bitcoin. In other words, if you have 100 Bitcoins and 100 Ether If Bitcoin is 80, Ether is 65. (Calculation of ratio is appropriate) It means that the impact of the decline was less when you had Bitcoin. Well, for the sake of clarity, I marked 0.1 and 0.85 with yellow lines. This number is the number of BTC you can get when you dig 1 ETH.

Think in trade.

It depends on the person, but if you bought it at 0.1, it would be 0.85 due to this short-term decline, and you don’t want to sell it in the middle of the lower beard. (Of course, there is also the idea of ​​selling it now because it will go down any more) In such a case, if you use a real-time BTC exchange service such as Nice Hash, you will be selling in BTC denominated in any case.

So, if the altcoin you are digging is falling due to overreaction to the BTC crash, it is better to make it a straight moat instead of a nice hash, save the coin, and sell it after the BTC denominated rate returns. It may be good. This is too low for BTC and overreacting! If you think that the coins you are digging will go down, you can use BTC to reduce the rate of decline and reduce burns. It’s difficult, so I think most people think that it’s okay to use a nice hash all the time because it’s annoying, but for those who have become quite large, I think that one operation that is annoying can cover a considerable amount of loss. It may be worth it.

In addition, this calculation is based on the same assumption that the purchase price of the hash is sold on the exchange with Nice Hash. Occasionally, a large buy order may be placed and the hash power may be purchased with more than the gain on sale, so calculation is required when actually switching. But I wonder if there is such a hand. Personally, I’m thinking that if BTC returns the price, but if it returns 50%, Ether will return 100%, so from now on, I decided to go straight to the moat.

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