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The Secret to Your Success is Your WHY!

If you forget all but one thing, remember your why! Your reason for starting your own business will drive you to succeed during the most difficult and frustrating times IF it is compelling to you! The success or failure of your home business is dependant on one thing – Your reason for doing it! I cannot stress to you enough the importance of that one sentence. Just think about it…

The success or failure of your home business is dependant on one thing – Your reason for doing it!

Do you get that? I mean, do you seriously understand the magnitude of that sentence? If it hasn’t clicked with you yet, read it again until you internalize it. This is the single most important fundamental that will push you past where most others fail and give up!

Defining Your Why

Now that you understand the importance of your reason for starting a home business, we must clearly define what that reason is. There is no right or wrong answer. Everyone’s answer is different and holds varying degrees of personal importance. The trick here is to give this some serious thought.

Your answer must be detailed and personal. For example, you can’t say that you want your children to have a better life. First off, that answer is neither detailed nor personal for you. If you’re having problems with this, try working backwards. Using the same example, what specifically will give your children a better life and how will that relate to you? Let’s look at the details first.

Working backwards, a better life for your children could mean moving to a new house where there will be; better schooling, a lower crime rate, more room to play, closer to relatives, more job opportunities, less polution. You should be getting the idea by now.

The next step is to determine how that relates to you. How will it make you feel and how will it improve your life? That could mean; less stress from worrying about their health and safety, additional support from nearby relatives would give you some time to yourself, a better education and more job opportunites could translate into you not having to financially provide for them forever. Don’t feel guilty or selfish in your answers here. There is absolutely nothing wrong with needing some time to yourself or encouraging your children to get out and start their own adult lives.

Now, let’s work backwards and get specific about this new house, you must define EXACTLY what that house will look like and where it will be located. What makes that house better? Do you want a white, colonial styled house on the east coast, furnished with antiques, on an acre of land, with vegetable and flower gardens, surrounded by mature trees and fenced in with a white picket fence? Then write that down! Get a good picture of it in your mind.

Picture the driveway, the walkway, your front door, your kitchen, master bedroom, a claw-foot bathtub, a screened in porch on the back (oops! Sorry, we’re getting into one of MY why’s)! Now that you have that picture, write down ALL the details. Look through magazines for pictures that resemble that house and cut them out.

What makes that house better to YOU? Is it because it’s bigger? Is it because you have more land? Is it because it’s very much like your Grandmother’s house when you were young? There is no reason that is too inconsequential!

The simple rules for outlining your WHY apply to everything. If you say that you want more money, that’s not good enough. You need to get specific about what you would do with that money and how it relates to you, personally.

Would you like to know my Why? Well, I will tell you but not just yet. I have to get this website completed and I’ll come back to that, hopefully with some pictures for you. I will tell you this though, it is quite detailed and extensive. One of my reasons is a rustic cabin in the mountains where I can spend relaxing time with my family, fish and kayak with my husband, enjoy nature and calm my soul. I know exactly how it’s decorated, including the huge quilts on the beds and my own special place to write.

Okay, Now What?

You’ve defined your reason and hopefully have cut out some pictures or sketched your own. Now it’s time to organize those thoughts into a final copy. Get creative with this and have some fun! Input all those ideas onto your computer, organize them, scan your pictures or sketches and create an easy to read and eye-catching final document. Print it out and post it on your wall wherever your workspace is.

Carry a copy with you in your wallet. Email a copy to your friends or family. Look at it every day! That is the reason you are working as hard as you are. That is why you will be a success. That is what is going to push you over the obstacles you will encounter! When things get tough (and they will at some point) look at your WHY and remind yourself that if you continue to put one foot in front of the other, you will succeed!

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