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What About Mining Rewards? Think About Investment.

What About Mining Rewards? Think About Investment.

This time, you can immediately convert the profits obtained from mining into yen, but I think it would be interesting to buy virtual currency and expect a price increase, so buy a new virtual currency (invest). ) I will write my personal thoughts for people.

I refuse at the beginning, but from my personal point of view, please think about half of the positive talk.

Since there are various ideas, let’s make a judgment by looking at various information without making a judgment based on this information alone.

Investing is at your own risk. You may suffer unexpected damage, so use your spare funds. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the contents of this article.

 Let’s take a look at the entire current virtual currency immediately after finishing the usual notes.

Is Bitcoin’s momentum waning?

Looking at it over a period of one year, money flowed from the strongest BTC to ETH and other altcoins at once, and after the mining boom occurred, the flow gradually settled down, and the funds flowed back to BTC, including ETH. It seems that Bitcoin is in a state where its market cap is being lowered.

The number of people who do not know virtual currency and who have heard about Bitcoin is increasing, and recently, the topic of Bitcoin has been broadcast on TV news.

With that in mind, if you buy BTC, it will go up even more! You might think, but let’s take a look at the figure above over a three-month period.

Looking at this, it seems that the flow of money being withdrawn from BTC has already begun.

It’s ETH, but it looks like it’s rising slightly.

 Is the one that guarantees the value dangerous?

By the way, I’m getting scared from here. The image you saw earlier is a diagram of how much Fiat (legal tender such as yen, dollar, euro) is contained in coins called a market cap. It’s a percentage, not an absolute value, so it’s just a percentage. And here is the next figure.

The price of Bitcoin.

Since August 1st, the growth rate has actually doubled by 200%. But I have some doubts here. The market cap ratio is declining, but the price is doubling. It’s just a guess, but it may be related to the following factors. From here, I would like to publish an article with a pay per view system that uses virtual currency payment for the first time. Only those who have thrown money ( $ 5 or more ) will be able to view it. If you press the image below, you can go to the payment system, so if you throw it, the URL of the following article will appear on the final screen.

The name can be a handle name, but be careful not to make a mistake as you will not receive a confirmation email or if a problem occurs if the email is not accurate.

 The address will be displayed. After entering it by copying or scanning, please make sure that the number of digits in the remittance is correct.

 If you cannot jump to the article URL after approval, or if you close the tab in the middle, please send an email to [email protected] with the email address and name you entered when you made the change. We will send you an article as soon as we get confirmation. Since this is my first service and I’m not used to it yet, I think it won’t go smoothly, so I may change the method on the way. (It’s okay because there is nothing that you can’t see even though you paid)

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